[Ip-health] Please donate and help Paul's Fight Against Hepatitis-C and #CurePaul (Apologies for cross posting)

Shailly Gupta shailly.gupta at geneva.msf.org
Wed Aug 12 23:59:36 PDT 2015

Help HIV Activist Paul Lhungdim defeat the Hep-C Virus and #CurePaul
Link to Contribute fund: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/paul-s-fight-against-hepatitis-c/x/11548447#/story <https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/paul-s-fight-against-hepatitis-c/x/11548447#/story>
Paul Lhungdim (43 years)has been working with the Delhi Network for Positive People (DNP+)* as the project coordinator for over two years.  In his role as project coordinator, he is dedicated to securing access to treatment for DNP+ members on daily basis. As an HIV activist, he has played critical role in the organization by rigorously monitoring stocks of HIV drugs in Delhi; he also played a crucial role in reporting logistical bottlenecks to the publicly-administered AIDS program, thus ensuring uninterrupted supplies of drugs and diagnostics for HIV treatment in Delhi. 
However, his health has started to fail. Paul has been diagnosed with stage 3 hepatitis C. To translate in laymen’s term, Paul is at the last stage before the onset of liver cirrhosis. In addition to impacting his quality of life, his condition is affecting his working capacity.
Treatment with new hepatitis C medicines (direct acting antivirals – DAAs) will preserve liver function and health, while lack of treatment risks vital damage. A fixed combination of 2 DAAs (Sofosbuvir + Ledipasvir) offers a cure, but at a substantial cost. For Paul, six months of treatment with the combination obtained through a special name patient import process will cost 3390 USD that is equivalent to his one year’s salary. With three children, a wife and an ailing father to support, the exorbitant cost means this drug is simply priced out of his reach. 
Paul says: 
"I have never felt worried in the last 20 years since I have been HIV positive as the drugs have been readily available from the government. But with no support from the government and medicines being so expensive for Hep-C treatment, I am always stressed about what will happen to me and my family now. I suffer from constant weakness and feel frustrated all the time due to my inability to work for the community. "
Sofosbuvir + Ledipasvir has a near 100% cure rate for genotype 1, a figure almost as impressive as Paul’s current adherence to his HIV drug regimen. Through discipline, he has brought his HIV to undetectable status. Paul has shown the same perseverance in his efforts to diagnosis and document the progression of his hepatitis infection. DNP+ was there for Paul, and he has in turn dedicated himself to “paying it forward”. We ask for your help in ensuring that he will be healthy enough to continue making these contributions. In helping Paul obtain treatment, you will be contributing to those whom he is able to positively influence.
Please take this opportunity to have a positive influence on Paul’s life. What we need is 100 donations of about $35 each for Paul to start his treatment.Thank you.
* The Delhi Network for Positive People is an organization dedicatedly working on providing absolutely vital services for people living with HIV/AIDS in India’s capital area. The organization has built a community of positive individuals of all ages and from all walks of life. That community continues to grow, not simply because DNP+ has saved countless lives through advocacy and outreach, but because of its demonstrated ability to improve lives by providing treatment support to its members and broader hope for those facing stigma and discrimination. When DNP+ is not holding the government accountable for fulfilling its responsibility to provide treatment, it is working with the government to provide crucial logistical help. 

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