[Ip-health] NY Times editorial: No Justification for High Drug Prices

George Carter fiar at verizon.net
Tue Dec 22 10:55:37 PST 2015

I really think there’s a lot of deck chairs on the Titanic activity, trying to get pharma to anything even remotely approaching the right thing. I think you are cowardly for not addressing the substance of my comments and simply sneering them away, if ever so genteely.

Most of the crap pharma pukes up has little social value in terms of advances—and why they should try to “capitalize” on that when they do get something that works is hardly the question to be asking. Aren’t they raping society enough? We actually have to empty coffers before cures are available? 

That’s disgusting. Least of all because of what pharma fails to do. Will new antibiotics arise only if they cost $1000 per pill? New vaccines? 

What needs to be done is to re-orient the viewpoint. These men and women who run pharma companies are murderers. They are nothing short of the most outrageous criminals our human society has ever created, short of psychotic war mongers. Why are we negotiating with terrorists who hold people’s lives hostage? Why are we rewarding murder for profit? Why are we trying to be reasonable in the face of truly monstrous evil?

They may not be rounding people up and murdering them in gas chambers, but that’s of little comfort to the millions and millions who have died of HIV and hepatitis C and cancer—let along the millions more who will be dying of what used to be relatively treatable infections.

I admire the good work many of you are doing—but face it: we have failed. The power of money wins and the economic genocide that arises therefrom will keep on killing and harming. Until we bring these criminals to justice. That CAN happen.
George M. Carter

> On Dec 22, 2015, at 10:24 AM, Peter Pitts <ppitts at cmpi.org> wrote:
> George --
> What do you really think?
> Peter J. Pitts
>> On Dec 20, 2015, at 11:16 AM, George Carter <fiar at verizon.net> wrote:
>> Not to mention that Pitts remarks shine a spotlight on the opaque mess and subsequent horror of drug companies price gouging, secret negotiations, sleazy back room deals (let alone tax evasion  by dumping profits in Ireland or elsewhere like Gilead, Pfizer and others do).
>> It underscores just how evil a system set up to “bring drugs to market” is versus a sane one that actually “brings medicine to people.”
>> This for-profit model is anti-innovation, anti-common sense, anti-life, broken, dismal and loathsome in every respect. The actors, those executives who run these companies, lie, cheat, steal, suppress null or negative data, distort outcomes and block access to millions while fiscally raping public health coffers. They create good business for coffin companies.
>> These executives should be in prison awaiting trial for their patterns of practice that they undertake INTENTIONALLY and KNOWING they cause horrific global suffering and death but profit matters more to them. This is a crime against humanity that should be recognized for what it is: “economic genocide.”
>> This garbage must end. Better systems and models that involve actual scientists, researchers, physicians, ethicists and others are out there that WILL bring medicine to people. These must be encouraged, subsidized and explored.
>> And the damned executives should rot in hell. They murdered too many of my friends, to many humans on this planet for their abject greed.
>> George M. Carter
>>> On Dec 20, 2015, at 10:58 AM, Peter Maybarduk <pmaybarduk at citizen.org> wrote:
>>> On the other hand those are "discounts"  off prices the companies themselves set, often in a competition-free environment, having gamed out the prices they will offer various payers in advance. They aren't discounts so much as they are simply varying prices in a profit maximization strategy.
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