[Ip-health] Civil BRICS Forum statement calls for review of TRIPS, BRICS fund for R&D

Malini Aisola malini.aisola at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 03:54:27 PDT 2015

Dear colleagues,

The outcome statement of the Civil BRICS Forum that took place from June 29
- July 1 in Moscow calls for review of the TRIPS Agreement and
establishment of a BRICS R&D coordination and financing mechanism to
address unmet public health needs so as to "de-link the cost of innovation
from the price of medical products, and thus make available and accessible
new medical products on an equitable basis."

The full text is available here:

The text on healthcare is pasted below.

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1.     Strengthening public health action at national, regional and global
levels by promoting health literacy, ensuring access to clean water, food
security, sovereignty and nutrition, immunization and vaccination,
chemoprophylaxis and treatment, improved disease surveillance, prevention
and control of infectious diseases and lifestyle diseases, by also
enhancing the participation of civil society in public health-related
decision making and for implementation and monitoring of activities.

2.     Promoting and expanding equitable access to health care and
medicines for all groups of populations through enhanced public financing
and predominant public provisioning of healthcare by building and
strengthening health systems that are universal, integrated and
comprehensive. Such health systems should have the capacity to prevent and
treat communicable diseases such as malaria, TB, HIV/AIDS, and others. They
should also be capable of scaling up efforts for prevention and control of
non-communicable diseases. Health systems should be accountable to the
State and communities. Take measures to meet the challenges posed by
contemporary viral pandemics that travel quickly across continents.
Establish a special fund for public health development within the framework
of the Development Bank of BRICS.

3.     Securing and expanding access to safe and affordable medicines by
adequately resourcing public health systems and by ensuring the full use of
flexibilities under the WTO Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of
Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). The BRICS should examine the need for
reform of the TRIPS Agreement on the basis of consideration of global
health needs. Also promoting collaboration among BRICS countries to promote
transfer of technology for expansion of local manufacturing of medicines,
vaccines, diagnostics and medical devices in all the BRICS countries.

4.     Promoting a BRICS coordination and sustainable financing mechanism
for research and development of new medicines, diagnostics and vaccines
related to unmet public health needs and neglected diseases, so as to
de-link the cost of innovation from the price of medical products, and thus
make available and accessible new medical products on an equitable basis.

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