[Ip-health] Call for Participation: Access to Medicines @ Global Congress

Matthew Kavanagh matthew at healthgap.org
Mon Jul 6 06:29:13 PDT 2015

*Call for Participation *
*[ & Call for Papers ]*
*Access to Medicines Track*
*Global Congress on Intellectual Property *
*& **the Public Interest*

15 - 18  December  2015
New Delhi, India


The fourth annual Global Congress will be held this December in New Delhi,
India and the Access to Medicines track is calling for participation from:

   - Scholars & researchers
   - Activists & civil society networks

Apply to participate in the full session of panels, workshops &
strategy/messaging sessions: http://global-congress.org/participate

In addition an important portion of the Congress will include presentation
of research and papers on Access to Medicines.  When applying to
participate you may indicate your interest in presenting a paper.

Limited financial support for travel is available, with priority on
participation from the global South.* Please apply early if you will need

*About the Access to Medicines Track*

The Access to Medicines(A2M) track of the Fourth Global Congress on
Intellectual Property in the Pulbic Interest will bring scholars,
activists, and practitioners together to focus on how law and policy can be
reshaped to expand access to quality, affordable medicines and health
technologies for all. Today significant advances in HIV, Hepatitis C, heart
disease, cancer, and other diseases hold the potential to transform the
lives of people living in both the global North and South yet affordable
access to these medicines is increasingly threatened by maximalist IP
policies. The track will focus both on identifying pitfalls in current
policy debates and on envisioning practical alternatives that can provide
tools for expanding access to medicines worldwide. We will also explore the
spaces in law and policy in which people’s rights of access to medicine and
health technologies intersects with questions of IP & development, internet
freedom, privacy rights, open source technologies, and other issues tackled
throughout the Congress.

The track is particularly interested this year in exploring four key themes:

• * A2M & Human Rights:* The multiple intersections between human rights
and IP as they impact health—both identifying critical issues related to
patents as well as copyright and trademark and developing forward-looking
ideas to build the power of the human rights framework to practically
expand access to medicines.

•  *Taking Stock of Current Policy Space:* patent law reforms underway in
many countries as well as the threats from international trade and
investment frameworks. We will also explore the relevance of openness to
R&D, in conjunction with the openness track.

•  *Spotlight on Least Developed Countries:* several developments have
pushed us to look beyond the current producers of quality, low-cost
generics to increasingly include a larger number of LMICs, including some
LDCs as manufacturers of generic medicines. Yet there are significant
barriers to this coming to fruition. Identifying barriers and opportunities
in this regard will be a significant focus of this year’s congress. The
track also aims to collaborate with the user rights track to highlight
parallel concerns related to the introduction of copyright restrictions in

• * India’s Centrality in Access to Medicines: *the Congress’s presence in
India provides a key opportunity to discuss developmets in India’s patent
law and policy—the model India currently provides globally for protecting
public health and innovation together and changes that may affect the role
of Indian generics in the global health economy.

*About the Global Congress*

The Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest
(“Global Congress”) was instituted in 2011 at Washington D.C. Since its
inception, three editions of the Global Congress have engaged researchers,
 civil society, academia, national and international governmental entities
and the private sector in providing perspectives and future scenarios for
intellectual property, innovation and development.The theme for the 2015
Congress is *Three Decades of Openness; Two Decades of TRIPS**. *Discussions
in all tracks, as well as cross track conversations will be tailored around
this theme. Day 1 of the Congress (15th December, 2015) will be open to all
interested participants, including representation from the government, the
judiciary, industry, academia, research/advocacy/policy organizations and
any others. However, Days 2 and 3 of the Congress (16th and 17th December,
2015, respectively) shall comprise closed-door sessions, open only to
participants registered/invited for the Congress.  An additional day (Day 4
– 18th of December, 2015) has been set aside for smaller meetings and
discussions on existing or potential collaborations between participants;
to continue conversations begun on Days 1, 2 and 3; or to have
meetings/presentations/discussions which we might not be able to strictly
accommodate within the agenda.

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