[Ip-health] Infojustice Roundup - June 1, 2015

Michael Palmedo mpalmedo at wcl.american.edu
Mon Jun 1 12:00:25 PDT 2015

Infojustice Roundup 


Joint Letter by Over 70 Civil Society Groups: WTO Is Obliged Under TRIPS
Art. 66.1 to Grant LDC Request for TRIPS Extension


[Letter to WTO Members] As civil society organizations concerned with
ensuring prompt availability of affordable medicines in Least Developed
Countries (LDCs) we call on WTO Members to unconditionally accord the
LDC Group an extension of the transition period with respect to
pharmaceutical products and waivers from obligations under Article 70.8
(mailbox obligation) and Article 70.9 (exclusive marketing rights) as
requested in their duly motivated request to the TRIPs Council
(IP/C/W/605). Click here for more.




The Grounds for Opposing Patents on Sofosbuvir in Argentina, Brazil,
China, Ukraine and Russia


[Initiative for Medicines, Access & Knowledge] Worldwide 150 million
people are living with Hepatitis C. In countries like Argentina, Brazil,
China, India, Ukraine and Russia 59 million people have Hepatitis C, and
worldwide 700,000 people are dying preventable deaths from liver cancer
and liver disease. Pharmaceutical corporation Gilead Sciences is seeking
illegitimate patents for the hepatitis C medicine sofosbuvir, blocking
millions of people around the world from getting the treatment they need
to get well. If Gilead is awarded unjustified patents in Argentina,
Brazil, China, Ukraine and Russia, based on the likely prices that will
be set for these countries, they could be faced with an overspend of
US$270 billion to treat all people with Hepatitis C. Click here for
more. <http://infojustice.org/archives/34506> 




World Health Assembly Concludes With Actions On Range Of Issues


[Catherine Saez] The 68th World Health Assembly (WHA), which took place
from 18-26 May, was characterised as one of the most successful annual
assemblies ever by Margaret Chan, World Health Organization director
general. From the standpoint of intellectual property, access and
innovation, this may be debatable. Below is a guide to the main
accomplishments highlighted by Intellectual Property Watch. Click here
for more on ip-watch.org.


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