[Ip-health] The LOT patent pool

Jamie Love james.love at keionline.org
Wed Jun 17 08:38:30 PDT 2015

​This patent pool claims to manage 300,00 patents​, including more than
50,000 US issued patents.

​The current membership list includes innovative companies such as Dropbox,
Ford Motor Company, Google, JPMorgan Chase Bank, Mazda, Pandora, Red Hat,
SAP, SAS Institute, and Uber, among others.​


Who we are and what we do

LOT ("License on Transfer") Network was established by leading technology
companies to reduce the number of patent infringement claims received from
non-practicing entities that purchase patents for the sole purpose of
enforcing them (called Patent Assertion Entities, or PAEs). Companies
participating in LOT Network obtain licenses effective upon the transfer of
patents by other participants to non-participants, e.g., PAEs.

As of the launch of the organization in July 2014, the LOT Network had
already contained nearly 300,000 patent assets, including over 50,000 US
issued patents.  Two of the LOT Network Users can be found on the 2013 Top
10 US patent recipients list.

By reducing the number of patents potentially available to PAEs, it
mitigates the risk of costly litigation and allows such companies instead
to focus on making and selling innovative products and services. For more
information on how to join the LOT Network, click here.

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