[Ip-health] Infojustice Roundup - March 23, 2015

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Mon Mar 23 10:59:18 PDT 2015

Infojustice Roundup  


Global Congress 2015 Update - Dates, Theme and Tentative Tracks


[Nehaa Chaudhari] The Centre for Internet and Society, India (CIS-India)
will be hosting the 4th Global Congress on Intellectual Property and
Public Interest (the Congress) at New Delhi, India. Our institutional
partner, and the venue for this year's Congress is the National Law
University, Delhi. Here are some important updates. Click here for more.




Should All Drugs Be Patentable?  A Comparative Perspective


[Cynthia Ho] Abstract: Although there has been substantial discussion of
the proper scope of patentable subject matter in recent years, drugs
have been overlooked. This Article begins to address that gap with a
comparative perspective. In particular, this Article considers what is
permissible under the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual
Property Rights (TRIPS), as well as how India and Canada have utilized
TRIPS flexibilities in different ways to properly reward developers of
valuable new drugs, while also considering the social harm of higher
prices beyond an initial patent term on drugs. Click here for more.




TWN Biopiracy Briefing Paper: Sabara - An African Anti-Cancer Medicinal
Plant Claimed by French Universities


[Ed Hammond] The  Dogon  people  of  Mali  are  widely known  for  their
unique culture, including a well-developed system of traditional
medicine. Attracted by the strength of Dogon traditional  knowledge,
since  at least  2006, a  group  of French bioprospectors from Auvergne
has focused a drug discovery effort on Dogon medicinal plants. The
bioprospectors were recently successful,  finding a  promising  new
anti-cancer compound in a  plant  used  in traditional medicine not only
by the Dogon, but by other peoples across the Sahel and nearby regions.
Three French universities have together filed patent claims, but there's
no evidence that Africa will benefit from this "French discovery". Click
here for more on twn.my.





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