[Ip-health] NYT: HIV Treatment Should Start with Diagnosis U.S. Health Officials Say

Peter Maybarduk pmaybarduk at citizen.org
Wed May 27 13:41:24 PDT 2015


"Everyone with H.I.V.<http://health.nytimes.com/health/guides/disease/aids/overview.html?inline=nyt-classifier> should be put on antiretroviral drugs as soon as they learn they are infected, federal health officials said Wednesday as they announced that they were halting the largest clinical trial of early treatment because its benefits were already so clear and pronounced.

"The trial, known as Start<https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00867048>, for Strategic Timing of Antiretroviral Treatment, was stopped more than a year early because preliminary data showed that those put on treatment immediately had a 53 percent lower chance of dying or having an "AIDS-related event" than those who got drugs later - usually before they showed any symptoms but when blood tests indicated that their immune systems had begun to deteriorate.

"The study is strong evidence that putting more people on treatment and doing it earlier would save more lives, the officials said. An estimated 35 million people are infected with H.I.V. around the world, and only about 13 million were on treatment as of early 2014."

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