[Ip-health] TPP final text analysis

Peter Maybarduk pmaybarduk at citizen.org
Thu Nov 5 16:10:23 PST 2015

Hello IP-Health subscribers, 
In light of today's official publication of the TPP text - which is 6,194 pages long - we are sharing these recent analyses again. 

Today we briefly compared the WikiLeaks publications on which these analyses were based and the official text (IP Chapter and Transparency Annex). We have noticed only one (relatively) meaningful difference so far, expanding the coverage of footnote 61, which gives a few countries some time to adapt their biologics exclusivity rules to the TPP, to products that are *or contain a* biologic. 

The substance of the below analyses appears to be entirely up to date. An interesting question is whether any other rules relevant to access and health concerns arise in the roughly 6,000 pages that never leaked - and what other public interests are affected by those pages.   
Public Citizen's statement on the final leaked IP text: http://www.citizen.org/pressroom/pressroomredirect.cfm?ID=5662

On the 2007 U.S. congressional "May 10" standard versus the final TPP text: https://www.citizen.org/documents/May10vTPP1.pdf

On biologics (with Third World Network): https://www.citizen.org/documents/AmbiguityLeadstoFallacy%28Biologics%29.pdf

On transition periods and exceptions: https://www.citizen.org/documents/TPPTransitionPeriodsonPharmaceuticals.pdf
What's new in the final pharmaceutical IP leak (with Third World Network): https://www.citizen.org/documents/PharmaceuticalProvisionsintheTPP.pdf

The Transparency Annex and Implications for U.S. Health Care: http://www.citizen.org/documents/memo-burning-questions.pdf

Complete TPP text available at: http://www.mfat.govt.nz/Treaties-and-International-Law/01-Treaties-for-which-NZ-is-Depositary/0-Trans-Pacific-Partnership-Text.php

-Peter, Burcu, Steve 

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