[Ip-health] UAEM Launches R&D Treaty Campaign: Academic Sign On Letter to WHO

Gloria Tavera gloria.tavera at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 02:09:10 PST 2015

Dear IP-Health Allies,

In 2008, many leading academics, researchers and scientists signed on to an
open letter calling upon the World Health Organization's Intergovernmental
Working Group on Public Health, Innovation, and Intellectual Property
(IGWG) to* find new mechanisms to address a failing R&D system of medicines
and health technologies*.

After years of intense negotiations by the IGWG, *a global R&D agreement
was proposed as a way to truly tackle the access and innovation problems*
that we witness in the world today.

*UAEM students want to ensure that the debate about a global biomedical R&D
* <https://uaem.wufoo.com/forms/make-medicines-for-people-not-for-profit/>*agreement

This would involve *promotion of mechanisms for financing R&D not based
exclusively on patents*, but guided by criteria of health, more effective
innovation in biomedical fields neglected by not being profitable, and
improved global access to medicines.

Discussions on this agreement were postponed by the WHO until March 2016.
As a result, the lives of many patients have been unnecessarily lost since,
and *we are now under the risk that the R&D agreement is taken off the WHO

In March 2016, *member states of the World Health Organization will meet to
negotiate a global research and development treaty* at the 69th World
Health Assembly.

Financed by member states, *this agreement would create an international
fund to guarantee that there is money to research cures for diseases of
public health importance and* that medicines developed with funds from the
treaty *are available at affordable prices*.

To this end, Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM) calls on
WHO member states
to *ensure
that* the open-ended *meeting of WHO member states* on March 21-22, 2016 in
Geneva *seriously addresses this urgent situation*.

We believe *the meeting must include a broad range of civil society actors*.
The meeting should advance and inform member states discussions on an
agreement that will *support a coherent, sustainable and needs-driven
for *a
* new approach to biomedical research and development for all.*

*We ask those of you who are students or academic professionals to consider
signing on
<https://uaem.wufoo.com/forms/make-medicines-for-people-not-for-profit/> to
UAEM's petition and to spread the word among potentially interested


*Two Nobel Laureates (John Sulston and Joseph Stiglitz) have now signed on
to this academic petition
for an international agreement to fund biomedical research and development
for the public benefit, via WHO member states.

*We hope you'll join us, too. *
Happy International Access to Medicines Week <http://uaem.org/> 2015!

In Solidarity,

The Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM) Team

Gloria Tavera
Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) Candidate, King Lab
Immunology Training Program
Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine
Center for Global Health & Diseases | 10900 Euclid Avenue, LC:  4983 | BRB
Cleveland, Ohio, 44106, USA
gloria.tavera at gmail.com
US: +1.407.625.2085

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