[Ip-health] Physicians call for fairness in drug prices, availability

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Once convened, the newly-created AMA task force will develop principles to
guide AMA advocacy and grassroots efforts aimed at pharmaceutical costs and
improving patient access and adherence to medically necessary prescription
drug regimens.

Actions called for in the new policy include:

-Support legislation to shorten the exclusivity period for biologics.

-Encourage actions by federal regulators to limit anticompetitive behavior
by pharmaceutical companies attempting to reduce competition from generic
manufacturers through manipulation of patent protections and abuse of
regulatory exclusivity incentives.

-Encourage prescription drug price and cost transparency among
pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy benefit managers and health insurance
companies, which will help patients, physicians and other stakeholders
understand how drug manufacturers set prices, and the prescription drug
tiering and cost-sharing requirements of health plans.

-Monitor pharmaceutical company mergers and acquisitions in the
pharmaceutical industry.

-Support a balance between incentives for innovation and efforts to reduce
regulatory and statutory barriers to competition as the patent system is
evaluated and potentially reformed.

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