[Ip-health] Indian Generic sofosbuvir availability and pricing

Giten Khwairakpam giten.khwairakpam at treatasia.org
Thu Sep 10 21:01:28 PDT 2015

Dear friends, we have updated the information on the availability and pricing of generic sofosbuvir in India. You can find it here Availability and Pricing of Generic Sofosbuvir in India – Updated 10 September 2015<http://hepcasia.com/2015/09/11/availability-and-pricing-of-generic-sofosbuvir-in-india-updated-10-september-2015/>

Few things to note:

1)      All companies have changed the packaging to 28 tabs bottles. The 28 tabs bottle were considered kind of Gilead proprietary packaging and some generics told us that they were asked not to pack as 28 tabs bottles. Good to see all being changed now and it’s easier to take around also.

2)      Number of marketing companies have increased. Couple more are expected to start marketing- this does affect pricing.

3)      Gilead sells Sovaldi at almost the same price as the generics- but anti diversion is applied. One has to provide all documentation including residence proof (company agent will check the authenticity) and bottles are dispensed one at a time.

Please also note, the prices could differ based on where and how you source the meds.


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