[Ip-health] MSF: TPP trade pact will deepen global crisis of exorbitant drug prices unless dangerous terms are removed during negotiations in Atlanta starting tomorrow

Michelle French Michelle.French at newyork.msf.org
Fri Sep 25 11:52:13 PDT 2015

TPP trade pact will deepen global crisis of exorbitant drug prices unless 
dangerous terms are removed during negotiations in Atlanta starting 
New York/Atlanta, September 25, 2015 –  As public outrage about exorbitant 
drug prices features in new headlines in the US and around the world, 
negotiators and trade ministers from the 12 Trans-Pacific Partnership 
(TPP) countries are converging in Atlanta to potentially finalize the 
trade pact, which has been negotiated in secret over a period of more than 
five years.  Recent leaked copies of the TPP’s intellectual property 
chapter confirm the inclusion of harmful rules that will lock in high 
prices and block affordable generic medicines for years.  MSF urges all 
TPP countries to firmly reject provisions that will deepen the global 
crisis of unaffordable medicines and health products.
Of particular concern is the push to include new and additional periods of 
monopoly exclusivity for biologic health products, which would block 
affordable access to the latest medical advances for millions around the 
world.  Biologics refers to a class of medical products which include 
everything from vaccines to cancer and multiple sclerosis drugs. If a data 
exclusivity obligation is included in the TPP, it would prevent national 
regulatory authorities from using clinical trial data needed to approve 
price-lowering generic biologic products, regardless of patent protection. 
MSF statement by Judit Rius Sanjuan, U.S. manager and legal policy advisor 
for MSF’s Access Campaign:
"Governments around the world are under pressure from patients and medical 
providers to address exorbitant drug pricing; meanwhile, trade negotiators 
are on the verge of finalizing a trade agreement that will affect millions 
of people and that includes terms that will lock in high prices and keep 
affordable generic medicines off the market for years to come.
MSF is urging trade negotiators to remove these harmful provisions, which 
have been included at the behest of big pharmaceutical firms. 
Pharmaceutical companies already enjoy some of the highest profit margins 
and longest monopoly protections of any industry, and granting them 
extended and additional market exclusivity is just another way to delay 
price-lowering competition and keep medicines out of reach of MSF medical 
operations and millions of people.  It’s time to listen to the collective 
voice of the 800 million people who will suffer the consequences of 
decisions made behind closed doors:  as representatives of your respective 
countries’ citizens, we urge you to uphold your obligations to protect 
public health and fight back against unjust profiteering.”
For more information, please visit:  http://msfaccess.org/tpp/

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