[Ip-health] MSF response to WIPO report on WHO EML

German Velasquez gvelasquez.gva at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 08:40:20 PDT 2016

Congratulations to MSF for the very good and quick answer to this
"new", flawed, and pro-industry A. Attaran paper.

Attaran  ignores once again (like he did in 2004) that a small number of
products of the WHO EML may represent 35 or 40% of national drug spending
in many developing countries.

Nothing really new in this report ... of an author who has never been known
for defending access to medicines in developing countries.

We'll see probably, as in 2004, some countries  quoting him at the
WTO/TRIPS Council  to attack the positions of developing countries.

german velasquez

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