[Ip-health] NYT: Lifting the Patent Barrier to New Drugs and Energy Sources

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Professor Stavins offers a counterargument: “In the long term, if there 
are no property rights, it will destroy the incentive to develop the 
next generation of technologies.”
This false dichotomy has been debunked many times. Intellectual property 
rights are not the only possible rewards one might give to innovators. A 
good alternative is to reward them, with public funds, according to the 
social value of their innovation on condition that they make it freely 
available to all. This is the obvious solution in the case of green 
technologies: /let's reward such innovations according to emissions 
averted and charge nothing for their use/. If we continue rewarding 
innovators by allowing them to charge high licensing fees, then many 
will continue to prefer using older, more polluting technologies and we 
will continue to harm ourselves and future generations.
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