[Ip-health] Why an obscure Supreme Court case matters for drug-pricing

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For those interested in Cuozzo, PIJIP will be hosting a panel on the event on Monday afternoon.

It is part of our ongoing Supreme Court Series.  Whenever there is a Supreme Court IP case, we convene a panel of counsel for amici and parties to discuss it on the afternoon following oral argument before the Court.

The event is open to the public, and will be webcast on our event page.  http://www.pijip.org/apr-25-supreme-court-series-kirtsaeng-v-john-wiley-sons-and-cuozzo-speed-techonologies-llc-v-lee/

Here is our lineup ...
Panel for Cuozzo (co-sponsodered with the Federal Circuit Bar Association):

  *   Prof. Jonas Anderson, American University Washington College of Law (Panelist)
  *   Adjunct Prof. James Toupin, American University Washington College of Law (Panelist, Invited)
  *   Jeffrey Wall, Counsel for Petitioner
  *   Eric Citron, Counsel for Intellectual Ventures Management, LLC, in Support of Petitioner
  *   Greg Rapawy, Counsel for Dell et al., in Support of Respondent

- MP

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A case to be heard Monday:




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