German Velasquez gvelasquez.gva at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 06:47:04 PST 2016

After 6 hours of a drafting the UNAIDS Programme Coordination Board (PCB),
managed to approve on 9 December 2016, a decision originally drafted to
welcome the report of the UN Secretary General High Level Panel on Access
to Medicines (UN SG HLP) released in September 2016.  Some industrialized
countries managed to transform the “Welcome” (the report) into “take
note”.  According to developing country delegates attending the drafting
group, some developed countries wanted to weaken the importance of the SG
HLP report, putting it at the same level as the four years old report
produced by WHO, WIPO and WTO Secretariats.

The insistence to reference the four years old WHO, WIPO and WTO  report
(which does not provide any recommendation or conclusions) was attributed
by some delegates and observers to a very visible, inappropriate and
exaggerated lobby by staff from WHO. This kind of interference in the
deliberations of UNAIDS PCB is clearly regrettable.

The final agreed text of the decision is:

*« **Takes note of the report of the UN High Level Panel on Access to
Medicines (UN HLP) and requests the Joint United Nations Programme on
HIV/AIDS to facilitate further discussions on access to medicines bearing
in mind, as appropriate, the UN HLP report and other relevant reports,
including the trilateral report of WHO/WIPO/WTO Promoting Access to Medical
Technologies and Innovation and keep the PCB informed of the matter; »*

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