[Ip-health] Price of Hepatitis C drugs in Pakistan (Sofosbuvir US$ 2.00 per tablet?)

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Sat Feb 20 05:16:36 PST 2016

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Globally, 2.2% of the world’s population is suffering from hepatitis C
virus (HCV). Pakistan is a country with one of the highest prevalence of
Hepatitis C - about 5% which translates to about 12 million infected
people. With this background, it is definitely a good news that the price
of Hepatitis C drugs has been fixed by the Drug Regulatory Authority of
Pakistan. Thought the following article may be of interest to folks in this

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Assistant Professor (adjunct), Georgetown University School of Medicine,
Washington, DC, USA

*11 companies allowed to manufacture drugs for hepatitis C, apex court told*

*Dawn Feb 19, 2016*

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court was informed on Thursday that Drugs Regulatory
Authority of Pakistan (Drap) had granted permission to 11 pharmaceutical
companies for registration and manufacturing of drugs used for treatment of
hepatitis C after verifying the efficacy, quality and safety standards of
the medicine.

Deputy Attorney General Sajid Ilyas Bhatti said the registration board of
Drap had fixed and notified the price of the medicine at Rs5,868 per 28
tablets, adding that the price had been determined while keeping in view
the interest of hepatitis C patients.........

Mr Bhatti told the court that the medicine was available in Pakistan at a
cheap rate. The price had been determined by Drap after hearing the point
of view of the pharmaceutical companies.

He claimed that the same medicine was being sold in the US for about $1,000
per tablet and in India for $4.5 per tablet. It is available in Pakistani
markets for about $2 per tablet.......


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