[Ip-health] Indian generic daclatasvir _Pricing, manufacturer and marketer.

Giten Khwairakpam giten.khwairakpam at treatasia.org
Sun Jan 31 23:10:00 PST 2016

Dear all, Please find here the pricing, manufacturer and marketer of Indian generic daclatasvir as on 30th January 2016 It is the first post of the page http://hepcasia.com/ .

The price can vary depending on where you buy in India and the process of purchase. This is an effort to monitor the price drop/fluctuations while advocating for reductions and indicator that the price of DAAs can go lower and lower.

Currently 30 mg have not come out in the market as the manufacturers have been focusing on the 60 mg optimal dozes. Patients on EFV do not seem to have any issue as the 60 mg tabs are scored and are having half to conform to doze reduction needs.

We are updating the sofosbuvir sheet and will update soon. Very interesting developments there!!

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.


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