[Ip-health] Durban: an appeal to the high level panel on medicine:

Mohga Kamal-Yanni mkamalyanni at Oxfam.org.uk
Wed Jul 13 03:59:59 PDT 2016

A call to World Leaders to enhance R&D and access to medicines: An appeal 
to the UN High Level Panel 
Co-hosted by Treatment Action Campaign, Stop AIDS, Open Society Foundation 
and Oxfam 
Tuesday 19th July 5:00pm-7:00pm at Elangeni Tower Hotel 

Please come and discuss the HLP which was set up by  the UN Secretary 
General in order to "“recommend solutions for remedying the policy 
incoherence between the justifiable rights of inventors, international 
human rights law, trade rules and public health in the context of health” 

Precious Matsoso, Director General, Ministry of Health, South Africa 
Tenu Avafia, Team Leader: Rights, Law and Access, UNDP 
Lotti Rutter, Advocacy & Campaigns Manager, TAC 
Tobeka Daki, HER2+ breast cancer patient 
Catherine Tomlinson , OSF researcher 
Mohga Kamal-Yanni (CHAIR), Oxfam 

Questions to discuss: 
·        What is the HLP? Where did it come from? 
·        How does it gather evidence? 
·        What are the solutions? 
·        What is the way forwards? 
·        What is the role of governments and CS? 

Food and drinks will be provided at the end 
Best wishes مع أطيب التمنيات 
Mohga -Dictating to the computer so please forgive silly mistakes
Mohga M Kamal-Yanni
Senior health & HIV policy advisor, Oxfam GB 
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