[Ip-health] Part time medicines access advocate/exec director

Gabe Levitt pjagrx at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 17:43:14 PST 2016

*Affordable medicines access advocate *
Part-time executive director/board secretary

-- Contract Position --
Prescription Justice Action Group (PJAG) is a new non-profit organization
dedicated to bringing justice to Americans who are struggling with the cost
of prescription medication. PJAG believes everyone should have access to
safe and affordable medication. We are looking for a part-time executive
director to help run PJAG and further its mission.

PJAG’s uniting purpose is to help consumers provide testimony to the U.S.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) when they receive notifications that
their prescription orders were refused import and are subject to
destruction by the FDA.

PJAG’s mission is also to promote and advocate for:
• Commonsense and compassionate enforcement discretion by the FDA so that
Americans, and non-citizens living in America, have access to medications
they can afford from other countries;
• Decriminalization of personal drug importation
• Legislative and regulatory reforms to lower drug prices in the United
States; and
• Express legalization of safe personal prescription drug importation.

Job responsibilities include:
• Researching and blogging about legal, political and policy issues having
to do with barriers to accessing affordable prescription medication in the
• Building a coalition in support for the work of PJAG
• Organizing a conference in Washington, DC
• Communicating with the public
• Educating policy makers and elected officials
• Participating on PJAG’s Board of Director as Executive Secretary

Required qualifications and experience:
• JD from an accredited law school or other higher degree related to our
• Three years of experience as a consumer advocate in a public health
• Three years of experience in coalition building
• One year of experience related to medicines access and affordability
• One year of experience as a researcher and blogger
• Event/conference planning experience
• Excellent communications and public speaking skills
• Excellent organizational skills

The ideal candidate is only looking for part-time work for the next two
years and believes deeply in PJAG”s mission.

This is a contract position requiring 40 hours/month of work.

Compensation: $40 per hour

Location: The position is remote but will require very short-term travel
from time to time.

To apply, please send a cover letter, resume and two writing samples to
pjagrx at gmail.com.

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