[Ip-health] Looking for a Project Director at Yale

Gregg Gonsalves gregg.gonsalves at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 04:57:10 PST 2016

Hi, all.
We're looking for a project director at Yale for our new Collaboration
on Research Integrity and Transparency (CRIT). CRIT is a collaboration
between our law school/public health school Global Health Justice
Partnership; the Center for Outcomes Evaluation and Research at the
medical school and; the Media Freedom and Information Access Clinic at
the law school. More info is here at our temporary webpage:
In short, the project will develop research and policy to promote
access to information about clinical trials, sharing of clinical trial
data, and to help to ensure the data required for the approval of
drugs by the FDA is rigorous and reliable.
We're hiring five new staff (a couple of post-doc types, a staff
attorney, an admin person), but are really looking for good candidates
for our Project Director.
This has been the hardest person to find.
Perhaps it's because we're looking for someone with a rare combination
of talents and expertise: we're looking for someone with an interest
and a commitment to the work we're doing, but who has strong
managerial and budget skills, and can coordinate the various faculty,
students and staff across campus who will be working on this project,
deal with our external collaborators and partners as well.
The post pays reasonably well and we're a great group of people to
work with if I do say so myself: Amy Kapczynski at the law school, Joe
Ross and Harlan Krumholz at the med school and Dave Schulz and
Jonathan Manes at the law school.
It will be an exciting project to be part of from the ground up, so it
would be great if you could spread the word that we're looking for a
talented project director to start this spring with us in New Haven!
Have them contact Meredith Berger at meredith.berger at yale.edu
immediately if they're interested in joining us. We've started looking
at applications but will be reviewing new candidates until we find
just the right person!
Gregg Gonsalves
Global Health Justice Partnership
Yale Law School-Yale School of Public Health
P.O. Box 208215
New Haven, CT 06520-8215
Email: gregg.gonsalves at yale.edu
Skype: gregggonsalves

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