[Ip-health] Another comparison of DiMasi and PhRMA clinicaltrialnumbers

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Hi all,
Another interesting aspect of this "study" is the opportunity costs of 
capital, or "time costs" :
"The $2.558 billion figure per approved compound is based on estimated 
average out-of-pocket costs of $1.395 billion and time costs (expected 
returns that investors forego while a drug is in development) of $1.163 
And what "investors" are expecting ? : "Capitalizing out-of-pocket costs to 
the point of marketing approval at a real discount rate of 10.5% yields a 
total pre-approval cost estimate of $2588 million (2013 dollars)."
This 10.5% rate is the yearly profit of pharmaceutical companies 
Then the more profitable pharmaceutical companies are, the more expensive 
R&D is, according to Di Masi. Isn't a nice sophism ?

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But without knowing what drugs DiMasi looked at we can’t judge their 
therapeutic value. Also drugs for rare diseases by definition will have 
small numbers in the trials but since they often measure surrogate outcomes 
the small numbers don’t necessarily mean large therapeutic gains.

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