[Ip-health] Fwd: Join ACT UP Boston's April 1st Anti-Pharma Demonstration at Tufts Med School

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Join us!! Pharma Fools' Day Demonstration (April 1st)
Join ACT UP Boston and allies to expose Pharmaceutical Greed this April
Fools' Day!!! This is part of a global, coordinated day of action by ACT UP
London, ACT UP Paris, and ACT UP NY.

We'll be at the Tufts Center for Study of Drug Development at the Tufts
University School of Medicine near Chinatown at 11:45am.

Tufts' own Joseph DiMasi published the latest in his long line of
"research" papers, funded by undisclosed pharmaceutical and biotech
companies, claiming that a new drug costs $2.87 billion to develop. His
figure has been called into question by academics, economists, and health
advocates, including Doctors Without Borders/MSF. We are concerned that
DiMasi's figure is not an objective assessment of what drugs cost to
develop, but instead a tool to justify high prices for his pharma patrons.
He's a pharmaceutical puppet.

We'll demand DiMasi disclose the real funders of his research or RESIGN!
We'll demand the Tufts President denounce DiMasi for using the university's
position as a trusted promoter of the public good to bolster industry's
efforts to make profits at the expense of people's lives.

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