[Ip-health] Sens. Sherrod Brown and Bernie Sanders send letter to USTR condemning pressure on Colombia compulsory license for cancer drug

Andrew S. Goldman andrew.goldman at keionline.org
Thu May 26 11:48:30 PDT 2016


In response to reports of USTR pressure on Colombia's potential compulsory
license for imatinib, Senators Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, and Bernie Sanders,
I-Vt., have sent a letter to USTR objecting "to any efforts to protect the
public health of Colombians in a way that is appropriate, effective, and
consistent with the country's trade and public health obligations," and
condemning as unconscionable "that any representatives of the U.S.
government would threaten to rescind funding for Colombia's peace iniative
if a compulsory license for Glivec were issued."

The full text of the letter may be viewed here:

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