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​According to the Times of India, the Astellas price for 112 pills (a 28
day supply) of Xtandi was 375,000 rupees, or about $5,620.13 US Dollars.
This is $200.72 per day or $50.18 per pill, nearly double the price
Astellas sells the drug for in Japan.

According to the World Bank, the 2015 per capita income in India was $1,590
per year, or $4.36 per day.

BDR Pharma was the company challenging the patent. Earlier BDR introduced a
generic version of the Johnson and Johnson prostate cancer drug Zytiga
(generic name abiraterone) on the India market for 30,000 rupees per month.
This is $449.54 US Dollar per month and $16.06 per day.

Zytiga is dosed at four 250-mg tablets per day. Enzalutamide is dosed at
four 40-mg tablets per day, or just 16 percent of the API required by Zytia.

The Canadian company Biolyse pharma <http://biolyse.com/> has offered to
sell generic versions of enzalutamide in the U.S. to Medicare for $3 per
pill, or $12 per day, if Medicare enters into an agreement involving the US
royalty free rights in 3 patents on the drug.

KEI reckons that generic competition for enzalutamide could easily drive
the price per pill at well less than $.50 per pill, or $2 per day.

Here is the story in the Times of India.

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