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Patrick Soon-Shiong ​ and
MD Anderson Cancer Center fight over "Moonshot" trademarks.


MD Anderson Sues Billionaire Over Using the Word “Moonshot”

By Paul Goldberg

Earlier this year, billionaire
Patrick Soon-Shiong created considerable confusion by launching a cancer
“moonshot” program at the same time that President Barack Obama announced
an initiative that went by pretty much the same name.

On Jan. 11, a day before Obama announced his program during the State of
the Union Address, Soon-Shiong, in a draft press release, claimed that the
White House, NIH, FDA and pharmaceutical companies have united to launch
the “Cancer MoonShot 2020,” an immunotherapy clinical trials program that
Soon-Shiong had designed.

This prompted NIH Director Francis Collins to delineate the White House
moonshot from Soon-Shiong’s (The Cancer Letter, Jan. 15).

Now, here is a detail that wasn’t publicly known at the time:

Within weeks of January’s lunar collision, Soon-Shiong’s corporations
applied for trademark protection for three entities involved in his
moonshot: Cancer Moonshot 2020, Cancer Moonshot 2020 Foundation, and Cancer
Moonshot Network News.

Last month,
MD Anderson Cancer Center applied for trademark protection for its own
moonshot program and filed an opposition to potential issuance of
trademarks to Soon-Shiong, and—in a related move—sued Soon-Shiong and three
of his corporate entities.

The suit by the UT System Board of Regents was filed in the U.S. District …

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