[Ip-health] Forthcoming seminar on approaches to pricing and valuation of novel therapies: Paris, 14th December 2016

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*Values, prices and negotiation about therapeutic innovations:
international points of view*
*[Valeurs, prix et négociation des innovations thérapeutiques: points de
vue internationaux]*

This all-day seminar, convened jointly by Université Paris Descartes – UC
Berkeley – Université Strasbourg will take place on Wednesday 14th December
2016  in the Salle du Conseil 12, rue de l’Ecole de médecine - 75006 Paris
– M° Odéon.

*Market access driven by therapeutic innovation has become a critical
commercial and political issue globally. In a world of growing economic
challenges and an increased need to define strategic priorities, the drug
market is of particular importance to the future of our countries’ public
health programs. At a time of major elections in the United States, and
growing socio-economic asymmetries in Europe, signals sent to major markets
have global systemic impact. In this context of profound transformation,
increasing budgetary constraints and increased responsibility of
decision-makers, how should both payers and industry go forward?*

*In order to avoid refusal of payers to list, or by manufacturers to
negotiate, or the need to issue compulsory licenses, states, insurers,
hospitals and manufacturers need to develop new negotiating tools and
contractual arrangements. **The latter could conceivably open the way to
programs of individualized reimbursement, or even payment subject to
 real-time monitoring and analysis of results. This might proceed on the
basis of individual or population metrics, based on factors such as
“satisfaction or refund” or even “payment by results”. This then calls into
question the international significance of published prices, and the
apparent paradigms of market construction. These contracts and tools can be
used to effect organizational change, with the aim of maximizing clinical
gains and reducing societal costs: this is also the goal of scientific
progress. *

*As our speakers share their visions and experience, this XIth annual
seminar will offer  insights into changes under way and promote active
consideration of novel solutions for achieving ethically acceptable prices.*

Reservations essential, no later than 4 December 2016 - places are limited
 * Professionals (morning and afternoon): 250 euros - VAT not applicable
   [Registrations of support over and above the "professional" fee are
*  Students and academics: 30 free places

contacting: *DescartesBerkeleyStrasbourg at gmail.com
<DescartesBerkeleyStrasbourg at gmail.com>*

*Please note, these annual seminars are independent and funded solely
through registration fees.*


*08h45 - Information*
*09h00 - Welcome *

*- Pr Frédéric Dardel, Président de l’université Paris Descartes **
*09h05 *
*Global overview: Innovation, value and price: Contractual Trends under
Budgetary Constraints and Public Regulations*
(no translation - sans traduction)

*Introduction: géopolitique et systémique des marchés*
- *Francis Megerlin, Pr université de Strasbourg – EUCOR (The European
Campus), CEIE ; Senior Fellow, Berkeley Center for Health Technology, UC

*Innovative pharmaceutical approaches to global pricing and market access*
- *Jens Grueger, PhD, Vice President, Global Pricing and Market Access,
Roche Pharmaceuticals, Basel*

*Evolution of Payer Strategies for Purchasing Pharmaceuticals in the US*
- *James C Robinson, Leonard D. Schaeffer Professor of Health Economics
Director, Berkeley Center for Health Technology, University of California,


- coffee break -

*Impact of the National Elections on the Pharmaceutical Sector in the US*
*- Kimberly MacPherson, Associate Director of Health Management, Haas
School of Business, Co-Director, Berkeley Center for Health Technology,
University of California, Berkeley*

*From pay for performance to payment by result : strategies for managing
expensive medicines? *
*- Ruth Lopert, Adjunct Professor, Milken Institute School of Public
Health, George Washington University*


12h15 * Lunch break * 13h45

*14h00 *
*Contrats de performance, contrats de résultat, nouvelles approches
conventionnelles sur le marché français*
(no translation - sans traduction)

*Round-table 1. Un contrat win-win est-il possible ? risques, contentieux,

* Patrick Errard, Président, LEEM- Noël Renaudin, Past-President, Comité
Economique des Produits de Santé- Eric Le Berrigaud, Head of European
Equities, Bryan, Garnier & Co- Virginie Lefebvre-Dutilleul, Avocat associé,
Ernst & Youn*


- coffee break -

*Round-table 2. Garanties économiques : une nouvelle base pour la
confiance *

*Thérapies géniques : vers de nouveaux modèles de financement*
-* Jean-Noël Bail, vice-président, GSK France*

*Expérimentation d’une nouvelle valorisation des innovations en oncologie*
*- Frédéric Chassagnol, directeur Accès au marché et valorisation, Roche

*Registre de résultat pour un contrat « satisfied or reimbursed » *
*- Yannick Sabatin, Strategic planning and Innovation Director, Celgene

*Pratique hospitalière de contrats de résultat*
*- Jean-Michel Descoutures, pharmacien CH Argenteuil (95) coordinateur
médicaments Réseau des acheteurs hospitaliers – Resah*


*17h00 - conclusion* : François Lhoste, Pr (h) université Paris Descartes,
co-directeur SMIS ESSEC

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