[Ip-health] Colombia to restrict Compulsory Licenses due to the blackmail of Novartis and Big Pharma during the admission process to OECDprocess for the ascession

Francisco francisco_rossi at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 23 05:40:40 PDT 2017

Dear Friends;

During this week at the OECD offices at Paris, there is going to be held a meeting to decide if Colombia could entry or not to this Organization.

The government of Colombia has been intensively pressed by Novartis and Big Pharma to stop cost containement on drugs measures as TRIPS Flexibilities and price controls.  After a Public interest declaration on Imatinib (Givec or Gleevec by Novartis) for a Compulsory License, they threated the Government with an International State Investor Dispute as Public Eye denounced a couple of weeks ago.  The also sued the public interest declaration at national supreme court.

Colombia, a developing country with around 30% of the population under the povertyline and celebrating the end of a 50 years of civil war, was also threatened to stop support the peace process if these measures to use TRIPS flexibilities continue.

MOH and the government have mainteined their position based on the legitimacy of the use of TRIPS flexibilities.   But during the process of OECD admission, Big Pharma obtained an unusual right to condition the process to their demands on IP and drug regulations, as it could be seen by the letter to the Presidency of the Republic by AFIDRO. (available at this link in spanish: https://www.afidro.org/wp-content/uploads/Carta-radicada-en-Presidencia-28-de-febrero-de-2017.pdf )

As far as we know, the Colombian delegation is arriving to Paris with a Decree that modify the process for a Public Interest Declaration to include Trade Minister and National Planning Department in the decission comitee "...to avoid the chain of mistakes made by MOH..."  and meet the requirements impossed By BIG PHARMA.

We wonder if OECD includes into their rules and requisites to comply PHARMA conditions over governments and if this kind of conditionings are part of the transparency and good practices principles of the organization.

We need your support to stop this decree and to shame the Government representatives and OECD delegates if this kind of unacceptable preasures and threats succeed.

Colombian and developing countries citizens will be very gratefull.


On Behalf of  VEEDURIA CIUDADANA EN SALUD,  a network integrated by Misión Salud, la Conferencia Episcopal de Colombia, IFARMA, OBSERVAMED, la Federación Médica Colombiana and CIMUN, Centro de Información de Medicamentos de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

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