[Ip-health] Stat+ [Paywall]: Army rejects request to deny Sanofi an exclusive license for a Zika vaccine

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Army rejects request to deny Sanofi an exclusive license for a Zika vaccine

By ED SILVERMAN @Pharmalot

APRIL 24, 2017

The US Army is proceeding with plans to grant Sanofi Pasteur an exclusive
license to develop a vaccine for the Zika virus, despite concerns among
some lawmakers and advocacy groups that the product may be priced too high
for many Americans, even though it was developed with taxpayer funds.

In explaining its decision, an Army official wrote in a recent letter to
one of the advocacy groups that the Army “lacks the means, expertise, and
authority to define, implement, and enforce ‘affordable prices’ or to set
price controls for a potential vaccine that will require great investment
and face high risk of failure.” Citing confidentiality, the official
declined to reveal specifics of the deal.


“The Trump administration is proposing that for a vaccine, invented by the
Army and funded by the National Institutes of Health, a French company, can
charge whatever it wants in the US, even if that is twice or three times
what other countries pay,” said Jamie Love of Knowledge Ecology
International, who received the letter.

“The ‘charge whatever you want’ policy is a ‘kick me’ sign we will attach
to ourselves,” Love said. “This is a good outcome for the French drug
company and a bad outcome for anyone in the US who will want the vaccine,
or pay for it through taxes and insurance premiums.”

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