[Ip-health] 2017: miRecule/NIH license on MicroRNA Therapeutics for Treating Squamous Cell Carcinomas

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2017: miRecule/NIH license on MicroRNA Therapeutics for Treating Squamous
Cell Carcinomas

Submitted by James Love on 18. August 2017 - 8:21

Attached (PDF file here [1]) are the KEI comments on the proposed NIH
exclusive license to miRecule for MicroRNA Therapeutics for Treating
Squamous Cell Carcinomas.

The seven page letter concludes with these words:

"KEI recognizes that in cases where a technology requires significant
investments to achieve practical application of the invention, the use on
an exclusive license may be justified. KEI is asking the NIH to include in
the license provisions protecting the public from abuses of those exclusive
rights. The NIH is also asked to recognize and address the public’s
interest in limiting the scope and the length of the monopoly to that which
is reasonably necessary.

When the NIH licenses patents to a firm with limited resources, such as
miRecule, and indeed to any firm, the license should contain sufficient
obligations to work the patent, and specifically to ensure that the
exclusive rights granted in a license do not impede the timely development
of a promising technology by others when the license holder fails to
achieve timely practical application of the technology.

KEI also notes that the license is being offered to a former NIH employee.
In cases where the NIH is offering a license to a former employee, it has a
responsibility to ensure (1) the licensing negotiations are as transparent
as possible, and (2) that the terms include sufficient public interest

[1] http://keionline.org/sites/default/files/KEI-miRecule-NIH-18Aug2017.pdf

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