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A framework for action on Antimicrobial Resistance, FYI.


New online: Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark 2018 Methodology The 
Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark Methodology is the first independent 
framework for assessing how pharmaceutical companies are responding to AMR

Thursday, 24 August 2017




Published today, the Methodology Report for the Antimicrobial Resistance 
Benchmark is the first independently developed framework for evaluating 
how pharmaceutical companies are taking action on antimicrobial 
resistance (AMR). Developed by the Access to Medicine Foundation, it 
sets out the priorities for pharmaceutical companies regarding AMR, and 
reflects the views of stakeholders and experts working across the field. 
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The Benchmark will evaluate company action in relation to antimicrobial 
products, including those prioritised by the WHO and CDC, with a global 
scope of analysis. Access metrics will focus on 106 low- and 
middle-income countries. The Benchmark's analytical framework is 
structured along three critical areas of pharmaceutical industry 

As AMR grows, existing medicines become obsolete. New and improved 
medicines and vaccines are critically needed, particularly new 
antibiotics that target resistant pathogens. The Benchmark will map 
companies’ antimicrobial R&D and highlight efforts to target pathogens 
whose distribution and drug resistance makes them a priority target for R&D.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing and production processes can contribute to 
antimicrobial resistance through two key routes: by releasing 
antibiotics into the environment in wastewaters; and by manufacturing 
antibiotics with insufficient levels of the active antibiotic 
ingredient. The Benchmark will compare company strategies for limiting 
these two routes to resistance.

The twin challenges of improving access to antimicrobials while also 
ensuring their appropriate use (i.e., stewardship) must be tackled in 
tandem. The Benchmark will assess companies’ antimicrobial access 
strategies for low- and middle-income countries alongside their global 
stewardship initiatives for antibiotics.


The Access to Medicine Foundation has developed the Antimicrobial 
Resistance Benchmark. The Foundation followed its proven process for 
building consensus on the role of pharmaceutical companies in addressing 
global health priorities. The Benchmark Methodology distills views of 
experts and stakeholders in the AMR field, including from industry, 
NGOs, governments and investors.


The 30 companies in scope represent a cross-section of the 
pharmaceutical industry active in antimicrobials. They include large 
research-based pharmaceutical companies, generic medicine manufacturers 
and clinical-stage biopharmaceutical companies.


*“Mapping company action on AMR, helps to identify opportunities for 
more collective, multi-sectorial action. Illustrating what works, where 
and why can radically catalyse progress in tackling AMR.”*

Jayasree K. Iyer 
Executive Director, Access to Medicine Foundation

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