[Ip-health] BRICS & IP - state of the struggles?

Patrick Bond pbond at mail.ngo.za
Fri Aug 25 09:54:54 PDT 2017

Hi dear allies,

The BRICS summit in Xiamen from 3-5 Sept has many controversies.

There is growing worry that the prior strength of Brazil and India on 
provision of generic medicines will be weakened by the new 
pro-globalization rhetoric, not to mention the Trump regime's erratic 
crack-downs. The rhetoric is bubbling up through various circuits (let 
me know offlist if you want our brics-from-below newsletter) - but seen 
from your expert eyes, what are the trends?

We will have a BRICS People's Forum again this year - in Hong Kong since 
Xiamen is too repressive. What are the kinds of ideas we need to keep in 
mind, and alliances to forge? (BRICS Is hosted in 2018 by South Africa, 
for those who want to engage in a more open space.)

(Wits University, Johannesburg)

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