[Ip-health] More on Roger Bate

Gabriel Levitt gabriel.levitt at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 07:41:21 PDT 2017

Last week, it came to the attention of the IP-Health community that Laurie
Garret's article mentioned that Roger Bate had complimented her efforts on
a drug quality and safety project in 2012. That Council on Foreign
Relations project was dedicated, in part, to making recommendations to the
G8 about how to protect the world's medicine supply - and fight
"counterfeit" drugs. The U.S. FDA encouraged the formation of the CFR
project. As it happens, the G8 didn't take some of the most useful
suggestions put forward by CFR at the time, but this is about something

You were reminded yesterday that many positions taken and advocated by Mr.
Bate are strongly disliked by many of you reading this message. I
understand. But it's worth noting, if not just interesting to this
community,  that Bate was highly critical of the G8's position because of
its over emphasis on intellectual property. He wrote:

"This is a ringing endorsement to industry folks who push IPR above all
else. It also shows that the pharma industry has far more pull with
President Obama and the State Department than CFR and health experts. This
declaration does nothing to fight the harmful impression held by
governments and businesses in India and Brazil and health activists at
Oxfam and Doctors Without Borders that the fight against counterfeits is
about securing IPR and not saving patient’s lives.” Source:

Also surprising is that Mr. Bate's research and writings on Interent
pharmacy and drug importation in the U.S. context are diametrically opposed
to PhRMA. http://www.aei.org/publication/catch-22-credentialed-online-

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