[Ip-health] National Institutes of Health proposed exclusive license for kidney cancer patents to company without its own phone number

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National Institutes of Health proposed exclusive license for kidney cancer
patents to company without its own phone number
Kim Treanor on 21 December 2017

On November 29, 2017, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has given a
notice to a prospective license to patents on the treatment of renal cell
carcinoma, a form of kidney cancer. The prospective licensee is T-Cure
Bioscience Inc, which the NIH describes as “located in Thousand Oaks,
California and incorporated under the laws of Delaware.”

On December 20, we looked at the T-Cure Bioscience’s website, which used a
stock WordPress theme.  The entire web site included a home page and four
additional pages.

The page on research had a single sentence.  “T-Cure Bioscience focuses on
isolating T cell receptors (TCR) to create both adoptive cell transfer and
bi-specific antibody therapies that target solid tumors.”

The mission page also included a single sentence:  “T-Cure Bioscience is
committed to delivering effective and durable cancer therapies with minimal
side effects through engineering and engaging patients’ immune cells.”

The careers page says the company is recruiting a scientist and a research

The contact page gives two addresses, an email, and a phone number.

T-Cure Biosciences mailing address is listed as 22287 Mulholland Highway,
Box 383, Calabasas CA 91302, which appears to be a mailbox at a UPS store.
The company was registered in California in December of 2015.

The physical address for its material delivery facility is a company called
“Ventura Biocenter”, which hosts a variety of tenants in bioscience.

The phone number listed on T-Cure’s website is Ventura’s, and the operator
answered as Amethyst Life Sciences, another tenant of the center. The
extent to which T-Cure maintains a laboratory necessary to develop the
publicly owned technology is unclear from its website.

T-Cure Biosciences is registered to Gang Zeng, PhD, an Associate Professor
in Urologic Oncology at the University of California Los Angeles.
According to the David Geffen School of Medicine: “Dr. Zeng joined UCLA
from the National Cancer Institute in 2002. He is a tumor immunologist with
an interest in translational research. His research has been supported by
peer-reviewed grants from the National Cancer Institute, Department of
Defense, American Cancer Society, as well as a few private foundations.”

There were an estimated 63,390 new cases of renal cell carcinoma in 2017 in
the US, and an estimated 14,400 deaths. While a variety of treatment
options exist for patients with kidney cancer, the high mortality rate
reflects the urgency which new treatments need to reach patients, at prices
which they can afford.

KEI has asked the NIH for information about T-Cure Biosciences, and the
decision to grant an exclusive license to a company that appears to have no
physical offices and web page that could have taken 5 minutes to create
using the stock “twenty seventeen” WordPress theme.

Kim Treanor
Knowledge Ecology International
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