[Ip-health] New Leaks: Documents from Trump Admin Pricing Discussions

Peter Maybarduk pmaybarduk at citizen.org
Thu Jul 6 06:42:13 PDT 2017

Kaiser Health News and The Wall Street Journal recently reported on but did not publish discussion documents circulated within the Trump Administration's "Drug Pricing and Innovation Working Group". Public Citizen has obtained three documents, available here: https://www.citizen.org/trump-drug-prices-order

The documents do not necessarily reflect consensus positions within the Administration. We cannot confirm authorship of each, and it may be that some of the documents were authored by private sector entities. What we can say is that these are documents informing ongoing discussions within the Trump Administration.

The documents outline primarily industry-friendly proposals, including some that could jeopardize patient safety or even potentially increase rather than lower medicine prices.

Documents and our analysis of proposals included in them (expansion of the 180 day generics exclusivity, generics priority review vouchers and value-based pricing) are available here: https://www.citizen.org/trump-drug-prices-order

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