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New publication: Equitable Licensing and Global Access

This brochure provides scientists and technology transfer offices in universities and research organizations as well as industry with a short guide for negotiations of Equitable Licenses (equivalent to Global Access Licensing or Socially Responsible Licensing). While the original concept of Equitable Licensing is rooted in a common law context, the present guidance paper adapts the concept to the specifics of continental law (in particular the German law of employee inventions "Gesetz über Arbeitnehmererfindungen [ArbNErfG]"). The present
brochure is an updated version of the first edition of 2010.

This brochure provides practical assistance to position and to negotiate Equitable Licenses in (German) technology transfer. They can be integrated in all four types of transfer options (research cooperation, single rights´ transfer, spin-offs, product development partnerships). It is structured as a decision making guidance paper: First, it sketches the design alternatives, and then provides pre-formulated contract clauses (bi-lingual). The brochure builds on US American experiences, the contractual language, however, aims at the specific
German legal context of employee inventions in an academic environment and at differences in goals and cultures of spin-offs and entrepreneurship. Its primary focus is medical research, but the legal language is equally transferable to other technology fields such as water treatment or plant breeding.

Author: Prof. Dr. Christine Godt (University of Oldenburg/Germany) in cooperation with www.med4all.org<http://www.med4all.org>.

Download: http://www.med4all.org/images/downloads/lizenzbroschuere_2017_final.pdf

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