[Ip-health] Update in the Stat+ article about the Sanofi letter

Jamie Love james.love at keionline.org
Tue Jul 18 07:40:53 PDT 2017

​This is an interesting update on the backstory to the Sanofi letter to the
Senate, where they said the Army never made a "specific" proposal on
reasonable pricing.  (I encourage people to pay for a Stat+ account, if
they can, to support this type of reporting).


Sanofi denies rejecting Army request for a fair price on a Zika vaccine

[HERE IS AN UPDATE: A Sanofi spokeswoman writes us to say that the letters
were sent to the senator in order to meet a July 15 deadline. This deadline
was mentioned in a June 26 letter they wrote to Sanofi chief executive
Olivier Brandicourt in which they promised to “continue to urge the Army
not to finalize any contracts with your company” until Sanofi agrees to a
reasonable and affordable price for a finished vaccine.

The senators, however, also specifically asked for Sanofi to publicly
disclose R&D spending on its Zika vaccine, broken down by year, and to
report all funding received from the U.S. government and government payers
for research, purchase agreements and reimbursement for licensed drugs in
the last five years. The company did not address any of this in the July 15
letters sent to the senators. The spokeswoman did not offer an explanation.

No explanation was offered for sending the July 12 letter to Barry Datlof
at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. If Sanofi returns with any
further information, we will provide another update.]


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