[Ip-health] Sick Sick, Sick! Talent Show - Salud por Derecho's Campaign

Vanessa López vanessa.lopez at saludporderecho.org
Tue Jun 6 06:01:53 PDT 2017

Hello everyone and greetings from Madrid!

Salud por Derecho has launched SickSickSick today, a campaign that plays
around with the idea of a fake talent show to denounce the high prices of
medicines and pharma industry practices. In the show, three people -
patients of cancer, hep C and HIV - compete for the treatment that will save
their life:  <http://www.programasick.org/> Programasick.org  I do apologize
but it’s only in Spanish.

On the website, we are sharing a letter addressed to Farmaindustria- the
association of pharmaceutical companies in Spain- in which we are asking
them, among other things, to lower the prices of medicines, to cease pricing
secrecy, % of  public funds invested in research, and to stop the barriers
for generics to entry in the market. We request citizens' signatures. In
social networks, we are sharing it with the hashtag #Sicksicksick

We hope you like this initiative. 

Best regards,


Vanessa López

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