[Ip-health] Wyden pressure on India

Jamie Love james.love at keionline.org
Tue Jun 27 12:33:35 PDT 2017

While it was appalling that all four members of Congress wrote to Trump
bashing India's patent policies, it was particularly disappointing to See
Ron Wyden do this.   Let us know if anyone wants to co-sign this letter to
Senator Wyden.  It does not matter where you live.


​The Honorable Senator Ron Wyden

221 Dirksen Senate Office Bldg.

Washington, D.C., 20510

Dear Senator Wyden:

We write regarding your joint letter of June 23 with Senator Hatch and
Representatives Brady and Neal to President Trump, in which you urge the
President to address concerns regarding India’s intellectual property
rights policies.

In that letter, you specifically mention pharmaceutical patents amidst
discussion of “India’s weak standards,” and cite a 2014 U.S. International
Trade Commission report calling for India’s standards for IP protection to
be made comparable to U.S. and Western European levels. We are surprised
and dismayed that you are pressuring India to grant additional patents on
drugs and vaccines.

In 2015, the income per capita was $1,590 USD in India, and $55,980 — more
than 35 times higher — in the United States.  A country with as much
poverty as India should not enforce patents on drugs and vaccines the same
way as high-income industrialized countries. Moreover, India is the most
important source of low cost drugs in the world, and a critically importan
source of affordable generic products in many developed and developing

The practical effect of the type of trade pressures you advocate is to
enhance the monopoly power and raise the prices of new drugs for cancer and
many other diseases. This is appalling.


To add your name to this letter, send a note to wyden-india at keionline.org
​, with your name, affiliation (if any), town and country, and email
address. We'll try to close this out end of day Thursday and sent to Wyden
Friday morning. ​

For additional information about the letter Wyden signed, write to:

james.love at keionline.org or andrew.goldman at keionline.org


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