[Ip-health] **Please share widely: Research Consultant Vacancy on UK Biomedical R&D

Tabitha Ha Tabitha at stopaids.org.uk
Tue Mar 14 02:25:43 PDT 2017


Research Consultant: Investigative research into the UK government’s support of biomedical research and development

Global Justice Now and STOPAIDS are seeking an experienced researcher to investigate the extent and effects of UK’s public funding of biomedical R&D. The aim of the research is to investigate to what extent UK public R&D funding leads to medicines that are accessible in the UK and abroad. The findings will provide a detailed body of evidence which will inform a critical analysis of the public funding of R&D and the role of big pharmaceutical companies. The report will feed into Global Justice Now and STOPAIDS campaign work as well as the Missing Medicines coalition, be shared with the media and used in publications.

Deadline for Expressions of Interest: 09:00 (GMT) Tuesday 18th April 2017. These should be submitted to myself and Morten (cc'd)

Please see details are attached or on our website<http://stopaids.org.uk/about-us/vacancies/>

Please help us find a brilliant consultant by forwarding this email to relevant individuals, mailing lists and sharing on social media. For ease, here's a draft tweet:

STOPAIDS & @GlobalJusticeUK are hiring a research consultant to explore UK funding into biomedical R&D. Interested? http://stopaids.org.uk/about-us/vacancies/



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