[Ip-health] Update Chilean compulsory licensing for hepatitis C and Cancer initiative

Luis Villarroel info at innovarte.cl
Tue Mar 21 09:50:56 PDT 2017

Dear Friends,
I'm very happy to share with you that after a years work doing capacity
building among chilean patients, goverment officials and members of
Congress in collaboration with KEI, James Love and Andrew Goldman -to whom
I have to thank for their work and support-, we have presented a request to
the Chilean Ministry of Health to declare that there are public health
justifications for the issuing of a compulsory licensing for Hepatitis C
drugs sofofsbuvir and combinations with other drugs, as well for prostatic
cáncer drug marketed as Xtandi. Also we have requested the Ministry of
Health to take the necessary steps to initiate the formal proceeding for
the issuing of such licences. This request was presented yesterday with the
support of a number of cáncer and hepatitis patients as well as a group of
members of Congress led by Giorgio Jackson, Miguel Alvarado, Karla Rubilar,
and Gabriel Boric, who signed the petition and participated in a meeting
with the Ministry of Health authorities. Their commitment with public
health has been essential to where we are today.

In Chilean law the granting of compulsory licences is provided by the
Industrial Property Office, and has to follow the same procedures than for
the nullifiying of a patent . The decision from the IP office can be
appealed to the Industrial Property Court.

The Minister of Health chief of staff commited to have a response in 2
weeks thier decision on whether declaring that exists a public health need,
or that it does not.

This request has the background support from the Chilean House of
Representatives  that  approved a resolution (N° 798) asking to the
Ministry of Health and Economy to incorporate the tool of compulsory
licensing in public health policies, presented by the same congressman led
by Giorgio Jackson, Vlado Milorosevic, Miguel Alvarado,  Juan Luis Castro,
Gabriel Boric y Victor Torres.

I take the opportunity also to thank prf. Carlos Correa who also supported
us in two workshops we organiced for goverment officials last year and
other academics and civil society that have been also contributing and
offered support to this initiative.

Here is the link to the news in spanish. You can also download the letter
presented and the resolution also in spanish. We would be very happy if
someone can help with the translation.


We look forward for further developments soon.

Luis Villarroel Villalón
  Luis Villarroel Villalón
     (56 2) 2688 69 26
       [image: Corporación Innovarte]

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