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Juno Therapeutics, Inc. is one of the companies that is working on CAR T
therapies, and also is engaged in litigation involving other companies over
its patent portfolio.

Juno was founded by three research institutions: Fred Hutchinson Cancer
Research Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Seattle
Children's Hospital.

This is a discussion from Juno’s 2017 10-K report of its patent portfolio,
including the diverse ways that Juno seeks to patent every aspect of the


Juno Therapeutics, Inc., 2017 10-K report, pages 25-26.

Intellectual Property

We have developed and in-licensed numerous patents and patent applications
and possess substantial know-how and trade secrets relating to the
development and commercialization of immunotherapy product candidates,
including related manufacturing processes and technology. Many of these
inlicensed patents and patent applications claim the inventions of
investigators at MSK, FHCRC, SCRI, NIH, City of Hope, and St. Jude, as
described in more detail below under the caption "Licenses and Third-Party
Collaborations." As of December 31, 2016, our owned and licensed patent
portfolio consists of approximately 31 licensed U.S. issued patents,
approximately 37 licensed U.S. pending patent applications, approximately
41 owned U.S. issued patents, and approximately 48 owned U.S. pending
patent applications covering certain of our proprietary technology,
inventions, and improvements and our most advanced product candidates, as
well as approximately five owned patents issued in jurisdictions outside
the United States, approximately 81 licensed patents issued in
jurisdictions outside of the United States, approximately 268 licensed
patent applications pending in jurisdictions outside of the United States
(including 12 licensed pending Patent Cooperation Treaty applications), and
approximately 128 owned patent applications pending in jurisdictions
outside of the United States (including 24 owned pending Patent Cooperation
Treaty applications) that, in many cases, are counterparts to the foregoing
U.S. patents and patent applications. For example, these patents and patent
applications include claims directed to:


   proprietary CARs, T cell receptors and antibodies; • proprietary CAR
   constructs, including those with customized spacer domains for improved
   tumor recognition;

   engineered transgenes for T cell selection, identification, and in vivo

   proprietary gene transfer vectors; • reversible reagents for cell
   selection, expansion and engineering;

   systems, assays, and processes for generating, evaluating, and
   manufacturing cells and compositions for adoptive immunotherapy;

   adoptive immunotherapy using defined T cell compositions;

   multispecific cellular therapy approaches, including bispecific CARs,
   cells and compositions;

   formulations, dosages, and treatment methods for adoptive immunotherapy,
   including those for predicting risk of and reducing toxicity associated
   with adoptive immunotherapy;

   approaches for improving exposure to therapeutic cell product and
   promoting resistance to factors of tumor microenvironments; • diagnostic
   and prognostic methods and compositions;

   libraries and high throughput methods for the discovery of
   antigen-binding molecules and targets; and

   compositions, combinations, and treatment methods related to the
   modulation of adenosine and/or adenosine receptors.

As for the immunotherapy products and processes we develop and
commercialize, in the normal course of business, we intend to pursue, when
possible, composition, method of use, dosing and formulation patent
protection. We may also pursue patent protection with respect to
manufacturing and drug development processes and technology.

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