[Ip-health] The United States and Colombia Meet to Review Implementation of the United States - Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement

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This today from USTR.

KEI's comment:  "The Trump Administration should not attempt to force
Colombia to accept high prices for new drugs for cancer and other severe
illnesses, which can undermine the health systems in Colombia, and reduce
access to new medicines.   In 2017, Colombia had a per capita income of
$5,830.   The figure for the United States was $58,270, ten times as high.
When you have ten times as much income as your neighbor, you don't engage
in efforts to force them to pay higher prices for medicine, unless you are
a bad person."

James Love, KEI

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Subject: The United States and Colombia Meet to Review Implementation of
the United States - Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement



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August 3, 2018

Contact: USTR Public & Media Affairs

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The United States and Colombia Meet to Review Implementation of the United
States - Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement

Washington, D.C. – On Thursday, August 2, 2018, officials from the United
States and Colombia held the second meeting of the United States – Colombia
Free Trade Commission (the “Commission” or the “FTC”).  The Commission is
responsible for overseeing implementation and further elaboration of the
United States – Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement (the “Agreement” or the

At this second FTC meeting, the officials reviewed the trade and economic
impact of the Agreement on both countries since the previous Commission
meeting held in November 2012, in Washington, D.C.  Both sides noted that
the bilateral trade relationship has continued to strengthen during the six
years the Agreement has been in force, that both sides have worked together
constructively to resolve issues when they arise, and that implementation
is proceeding well and smoothly.

Officials underscored the importance of ensuring the effective
implementation of the Agreement in both countries, and the key role the
Agreement plays in facilitating sustainable, broad-based economic growth
and as an important catalyst in facilitating competiveness. Officials also
agreed to continue to work together to ensure effective implementation of,
and compliance with, the trade in goods and services, customs, intellectual
property rights, labor, and environment obligations of the Agreement.

A discussion of bilateral issues of concern included Intellectual Property,
digital trade and telecommunications, services, agriculture-related issues,
textile and apparel concerns, truck scrappage, and how better use can be
made of the CTPA by certain sectors.

The two governments reviewed the important ongoing engagement on labor
issues, an area in which the Colombian government has made progress
addressing the issues identified in the 2017 Public Report of Review of
U.S. Submission 2016-02 (Colombia).  Officials noted that work remains and
that both sides will continue to work together on the pending issues
identified in the 2017 Report.

Both sides recognized the importance of transparency and maintaining
communication with stakeholders. Further, the countries committed to
continue to promote an open dialogue and use mechanisms for receiving
meaningful public comment, as part of a commitment to public engagement.

The United States looks forward to continuing a constructive and open
engagement with Colombia to implement the CTPA to the benefit of both
countries under the administration of incoming President Iván Duque.

The meeting was led by Ambassador C.J. Mahoney, Deputy United States Trade
Representative, for the United States and Vice Minister Olga Lucía Lozano,
of the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Tourism, for Colombia.


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