[Ip-health] Stat News+: Lawmakers urge Trump to ensure access to TB drugs as UN meeting nears

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Lawmakers urge Trump to ensure access to TB drugs as UN meeting nears


AUGUST 9, 2018

As United Nations negotiators attempt to draft a manifesto for combating
tuberculosis, more than 100 members of Congress are urging President Trump
to ensure the U.S. makes a “meaningful” contribution to what they called a
“crucial” effort.

In a letter sent on Wednesday, the bipartisan group of lawmakers emphasized
the need for the U.S. to take the lead in eradicating a public health
scourge as a U.N. meeting nears to address the problem. Their missive,
however, was also sent as a contentious, behind-the-scenes struggle takes
place at the U.N. that pits the U.S. against dozens of other countries over
issues  that affect the poorest nations, in particular.

Although a declaration was to have been finalized in late July, a
last-minute rift opened up over language concerning access to medicines and
R&D for tuberculosis drugs. Led by South Africa, dozens of countries
objected to language that was removed or softened from earlier drafts of
the declaration at the insistence of the U.S., according to sources
familiar with the proceedings.


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