[Ip-health] New Dutch Foundation to take on high medicines prices

Ellen 't Hoen ellenthoen at medicineslawandpolicy.net
Mon Aug 27 01:47:36 PDT 2018

Dear IP- Health readers,

Here my latest blog about a new Dutch Foundation that plans to take on high drug prices and details about its first case: an old medicine which has obtained an orphan drug indication and returned to the market with a price 500 times higher than the older product. 

https://medicineslawandpolicy.org/2018/08/new-dutch-foundation-to-address-high-medicines-pricing-announces-plan-to-file-complaint-with-competition-authority/ <https://medicineslawandpolicy.org/2018/08/new-dutch-foundation-to-address-high-medicines-pricing-announces-plan-to-file-complaint-with-competition-authority/>

For those of you who read Dutch here is the website of the new Foundation:
http://www.farmaterverantwoording.nl/ <http://www.farmaterverantwoording.nl/>


Also in Dutch a newspaper article that came out last Saturday about the case:

https://www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2018/08/24/de-pil-die-in-10-jaar-tijd-500-keer-duurder-werd-a1614201 <https://www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2018/08/24/de-pil-die-in-10-jaar-tijd-500-keer-duurder-werd-a1614201>

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