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Dear Friends

Here is a link to our blog where you can download the full resolution
issued yesterday against Gilead request to overturn the public health
declaration for hep C drugs and other documents.  ( sorry still in spanish)


If you have any questions plis let me know

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Luis Villarroel

2018-08-29 16:49 GMT-03:00 luis villarroel <innovartecorporacion at gmail.com>:

> Dear Friends   Innovarte and myself are delighted to  share with  you that
> the new Minister of Health Emilio Santelices appointed by the current
> president of Chile Sebastian Piñera,  has  issued the resolution 1165
> dated  agust 28 , dissmising all the legal arguments put forward by Gilead
> against  the declaration of public health justification  a compulsory
> licensing  for hepatitis C drugs.
> This historic decisión  comes after a  strong   legal attacks by Gilead
> Pharmasset  y Gilead Sciences  backed by Pharma,  a number of lobbyst as
> well as international preassure, against the Resolution  that  was issued
> during the former goverment of Michelle Bachellet,  declaring that there
> are public health reasons  that justify the issuing of a compulsory
> licencing for the patents that restrict access to Heptatitis C drugs
> sofosbuvir  and combination,;
> This new  resolution from the Chilean Ministry of Health is in line with
> the presidential promess to tackle excesive prices for medicines in Chile
> and to promote Access. and reaffirms that this is a national decisión and
> not only the decisión of the former goverment.
> The petition for a declaration of public health justification for
> compulsory license for HEP C drugs was presented by Innovarte with the
> support of a number of member of congress, led by Giorgio Jackson, Karla
> Rubilar, Gabriel Boric,  and  Miguel angel alvarado, patients led by
> Antonia Toledo,  on march 2017,  and the resolution declaring such
> justification was issued by  Carmen Castillo after a long national
> movilzation to support   with international support  led by KEI and Dndi ,
> the day before President Bachelette left office.
> After the new President took office , Gilead and the Association of
> Multinational drug makers CIF asked the new Minister of Health to put such
> declaration off , claiming that there was no legal  or factual
> justification for it. Innovarte responded such arguments, and the Ministry
> of Health  in a very clear way has affirmed the  justification of the
> declaration.in what is a historic stand of Chile to protect its right to
> use trips flexibilities.
> For more info contact: info at innovarte.cl  or +
>  56998279673
> --
> Luis Villarroel
> Director de Investigacion
> Corporación Innovarte
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> Santiago, Chile.
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