[Ip-health] webinar Dec 13 - Addressing high drug prices: what can be learned from European policies?

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Tue Dec 4 07:28:02 PST 2018

Dear ip-health readers,

We are pleased to invite you to the next webinar organized by the Knowledge
Network on Innovation and Access to Medicines, presenting recent research
on topics relating to pharmaceuticals policy.

You can find the recordings of the two previous webinars of the series in
the Global Health Centre website:

The third webinar will be:

Addressing high drug prices: what can be learned from European policies?

Thursday 13 December | 4:00pm-5:00pm CET


Sabine Vogler <http://whocc.goeg.at/About/OurTeam> is head of the
Pharmacoeconomics Department and head of the WHO Collaborating Centre for
Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Policies at the Austrian Public
Health Institute (GÖG).


Ensuring access to medicines: How to redesign pricing, reimbursement and


Drug prices are high on the political agenda of countries worldwide. Rising
prices of new medicines can restrict patient access and threaten the
sustainability of health systems. Many countries are currently debating the
adoption or reform of policies to better manage medicines prices. What can
be learned from Europe, the region that has arguably had the most extensive
experience with pricing policies?

Dr. Vogler will present a recently published paper
analysing evidence related to a range of policy options used by European
Union countries related to pricing, procurement and reimbursement of
medicines, including generic drugs and biosimilars. She will describe the
most commonly-used policies, explain the benefits and limitations of each,
and offer proposals for how to improve them. She will also explore more
far-reaching measures that can fundamentally tackle the issue of high
medicines prices.

Who should consider attending?

Those interested in learning more about:

- Access to medicines and sustainability of health systems;

- Policy instruments to address high drug prices, including purchase of
generics and biosimilars;

- Collaborative efforts to reduce prices, such as joint price negotiations
and pooled procurement;

- Transparency of medicines prices and R&D costs

What should you expect to hear?

- An overview of policies used by European Union countries to regulate
prices and determine the reimbursement of medicines;

- Advantages and limitations of each policy instrument, including external
price referencing (EPR), managed entry agreements (MEA), health technology
assessment (HTA) and tendering, and options to improve them;

- Further interventions to complement the policies options currently used.

To join the webinar on Thursday 13 December, please register here

Participants will be able to pose questions orally and in writing during
the webinar, and the speaker will respond to a selection of these during
the second half of the event. Recordings of all webinars will be made
available online after they take place. After registering, you will receive
a confirmation email with additional information on how to join the webinar.

We hope you will be able to join us for this informative presentation. This
event is part of the inaugural webinar series of the Knowledge Network for
Innovation and Access to Medicines, a project of the Global Health Centre
at the Graduate Institute of Geneva. Suggestions for speakers and topics
for future webinars are welcome at globalhealthresearch at graduateinstitute.ch

Marcela Vieira
Project Coordinator
Knowledge Network for Innovation and Access to Medicines
Global Health Centre, Research
marcela.vieira at graduateinstitute.ch


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