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A new documentary, financed by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, takes a
critical look at drug prices.  The file opened to theaters in NYC and Los
Angles, earlier this month, and is now available on Amazon Prime or Youtube.

The URL for the movie is here:  https://drugsthefilm.com/
The trailer is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OIQAn5jAbM

The LA Time reviewed the documentary here:

" . . . Side effects from watching the anti-Pharma documentary “Drug$”
start with rage, and pretty much stay there through the
call-your-congressperson coda. A blistering takedown of a venal healthcare
system that prizes corporate profit over saving lives, Jonathan Marshall
Thompson’s film, featuring interviews with insiders, experts and crusading
politicians like U.S. Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md.), and gravely narrated
by J.K. Simmons, revolves around a central question increasingly asked by
patients paying exorbitant drug prices: is staying alive worth the cost? .
. . "

The Hollywood Reporter review is here:

"Far from the first movie (or TV news segment, or magazine article) to
gather Big Pharma's biggest sins up in one get-out-the-pitchforks exposé,
Jonathan Marshall Thompson's Drug$ is no less enraging for its story's
familiarity. . .  . "

I am listed as a Consulting Producer.  I asked Hilary Smith,  one of the
Producers, for a list of the credits including the names of persons who
appeared in the documentary, and she provided this list, which includes, at
the end, many of the people who were interviewed.

Executive Producer
AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Directed by
Jonathan Marshall Thompson

Produced by
Hilary Smith

Produced by
Jonathan Marshall Thompson
Andy Carney

Narrated by
J.K. Simmons

Associate Producer
Trish Moran

Consulting Producers
Jamie Love and Kelly Rudnicki

Andy Carney

Music By
Asaf Sagiv

These are rolling credits as listed.


Chris Koser and Jonathan Marshall Thompson

First Assistant Camera
Ulises Valdovinos

William Houlihan

Brady Valashinas

Ben Schurman

Production Designer
Drew Bender

Makeup Artist
Ashley Ann Harris

Additional Editing
Charles Kim

Story Editor
Dan Macabuhay

Digital Intermediate Colorist
Mark Todd Osborne, C.S.I.

Re-Recording Mixer
Yagmur Kaplan

Sound Engineer
Lawrence He

Score Produced and Orchestrated By
Asaf Sagiv

Additional Music By
Sandro Morales-Santoro

Stand Sound Post Supervisor
Jonathan Sheldon

Stings and Cello Performance By
Yoed Nir Strings Productions

Strings Recorded at
Yoed Nir’s Studio

Jonathan Jones

The filmmakers would like to thank all who participated to help make the

Jack Abramoff
M. Adinarayana
John Appleby
Dr. Jerry Avorn
Simone Bersini
Abby Buchwalter
Darien H. Calixte
Dr. Eric Campbell
Kalipso Chalkidou
Aleshea Chambers
Assembly Member David Chiu
Kiku Collins
Courtney Conner
Clinton Crawley
Congressman Elijah Cummings
Mary Anne DiCanto
Congressman Lloyd Doggett
Fern Donenfield
Dana Donofree
Elijah Ellison
Laila Ellison
Virginia Fairchild
Jeffrey Fitzwilliam
Jerry Flanagan
Terri Ford
Rebekah A. Fridman
Gennady Fridman
Pauli Gray
Merrill Goozner
Alexis Grapsas
Dylan Mohan Gray
Bryant Grooms
Lucia Gutierrez
John Hassell
Tim Hatayama
Dr. Joel W. Hay
Susan Hayes
Martin Hetzer, PhD
Gretchen Hoffstadt
Dalia & James Hunter
Elle Hurley and the Hurley Family
Parag Jain
Greg Jefferys
Dwayne & Joy Johnson
Champagne Joy
Juliana Keeping
Dr. Aaron Kesselheim
Senator Amy Klobachur
Dr. Jacob Lalezari
Dr. John LaMattina
William Lazonick
Jamie Love
Manon Anne Ress Love
Cindy Markarian
Laura Marston
Asako McCloskey
David Mitchell
Nicole Solomon Mitchell
Samuel David Mitchell
Justin Moshkevich
Tom Myers
David Orenstein
Akil Patterson
David Poole
Wendell Potter
Ilan Pustopetski
Dr. Bhimavarapu Rami Reddy
Osnat (Sabina) Sagiv
Senator Bernie Sanders
Shay Sharpe
Andy & Linda Tesluk
Adrian Towse
Ivy Walker
Surrey Walton
Michael Weinstein
Dr. Michael Wohlfeiler
Aleasa Word
Shane Word
Kennedy Word
Joshua Wright

Additional Thanks

Motion Control provided by Camera Control Inc.
On the Mark Media
Stand Sound
Southwest Airlines
Delta Airlines
Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Patients for Affordable Drugs
Harvard University
University of Southern California
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence UK

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