[Ip-health] Chilean Cámara de Diputados Votes Overwhelmingly To Proceed With Compulsory Licenses for HCV Drugs

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The Cámara de Diputados of the Chilean Congress has overwhelmingly passed a
resolution calling on the President to advance the compulsory licensing
request on HCV drugs made in March 2017 by patients, advocates including
Innovarte NGO, and elected officials. The resolution, Number 1014, passed
by a 96-0 vote with one abstention, and includes the signatures of
representatives across the entire political spectrum.

This is a marked increase in support from the 67-0 vote last January, and
reflects a growing consensus on the heels of continued pressure within
Chile on this issue as well as a recent voicing of international support by
NGOs and academics around the world for the Chilean government to proceed
with the compulsory licenses to increase access to affordable medicines.

This resolution was drafted by eleven members of the Chilean Congress House
of Deputies: Giorgio Jackson Drago, Miguel Ángel Alvarado Ramírez, Marcela
Hernando Pérez, Gabriel Boric Font, Karla Rubilar Barahona, Vlado Mirosevic
Verdugo, Juan Luis Castro González, Karol Cariola Oliva, René Saffirio
Espinoza, Víctor Torres Jeldes, and was supported by Carlos Abel Jarpa

Whereas last year’s resolution on this issue was more focused on the
protocols and procedures of compulsory licenses, this resolution
straightforwardly declares that the public health problems created by the
lack of access to hepatitis C treatments constitutes sufficient
justification to grant a compulsory license. The resolution cites to a
variety of supporting laws and norms, including those within Chilean law
and its constitution, as well as to international documents from the WHO,
and asks that the President require the Ministry of Health to declare the
existence of public health justifications without delay so as to proceed
with the grant of the compulsory licenses.

According to Luis Villaroel, Director of Innovarte NGO, “This resolution is
very timely given that it coincides with the Chilean President’s formation
of a working group that  includes the Ministry of Health, Economy and
Foreign Affairs to resolve in a coordinated way the request before leaving
 office in the next 2 months.”

For more background on the Chilean compulsory licensing request, see our
III. Que, Por Lo Anterior, La H. Cámara de Diputudados, Acuerda El
Siguiente Proyecto de Resolución:

1. DECLARAR: Que de conformidad con los antecedentes tenidos a la vista, la
problemática de Salud Pública que representa la falta de acceso a los
tratamientos de la hepatitis C por las razones ya expresadas en los
considerandos, constituyen justificación suficiente para el otorgamiento de
las licencias no voluntarias contempladas en el articulo 51 No. 2 de la Ley
de Propriedad Industrial para facilitar el acceso a los medicamentos para
la Hepatitis C como el sofosbuvir y sus combinaciones con antivirales de
acción directa.

Sofosbuvir, patente F-21778/15, como comprimidos recubiertos de 400 mg, a
nombre de Gador Ltda.

2. REQUERIR: A la Sra. Ministra de Salud, para que ésta acoja sin más
trámite la solicitud de declaración de la existencia de razones de Salud
Pública para la concesión de licencias no voluntarias contempladas en el
Articulo 51 No. 2 de la Ley de Propiedad Industrial respecto de las
patentes que afectan el sofosbuvir y los retrovirales de acción directa
para la Hepatitis C con los que se combina, según le fuese solicitado con
fecha 17 de marzo de 2017 en la carta referida en el numeral quinto de lose
antecedentes tenidos a la vista.

[Unofficial translation follows:]

III. That, because of the above, the Deputies agree to the following draft

1. Declare: That in accordance with the antecedents taken into account, the
Public Health problem that the lack of access to hepatitis C treatments
represents for the reasons already expressed in the recitals, constitutes
sufficient justification for the granting of the non-voluntary licenses
contemplated in Article 51 No. 2 of the Industrial Property Law to
facilitate access to medicines for Hepatitis C such as sofosbuvir and its
combinations with direct acting antivirals.

Sofosbuvir, patent F-21778/15, as coated tablets of 400 mg, in the name of
Gador Ltda.

2. Require: That the Minister of Health receive without further formality
the request for a declaration of the existence of Public Health reasons for
the granting of non-voluntary licenses contemplated in Article 51 No. 2 of
the Industrial Property Law regarding the patents on sofosbuvir and the
direct-acting retrovirals for Hepatitis C with which it is combined, as
requested on March 17, 2017, in the letter referred to in section five of
the background information.

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